GPS Tracking Made Easy.

Smart TrackerZ was designed and built with a keep focus on providing a rich feature set, affordable devices, competitive pricing and excellent Customer Service

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You can view a single vehicle or an entire fleet on one map. Each second during a trip, Trackerz records the vehicle's location. The app automatically updates every 10-seconds. Buckle-up!

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Tripped out, Cool Features 

Trackerz unlocks access to an unlimited trip history with stunning detail. Trip details are just a tap away and with our relay control you can remotely stop the vehicle. You really can have, and know, it all!

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We have one of the smallest cellular OBD device anywhere and is completely self-contained! No Tools! No Wires! Just plug it in.  Our 4-Wire unit can be easily mounted anywhere and operates on 6-48 Volts making it perfect for vehicles, motorcycles, quads and golf carts! 

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Better decisions while on the road.

We unlock access to real-time driving insights. With notifications for speed, acceleration, hard braking, idle time, and more; better decisions can be made while on the road. .

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